Environment and energy


Nowadays, the need for energy production and saving has become omnipresent, in parallel with the need of minimum environmental pollution.
Conventional energy reserves  are shrinking, as the energy demands  are getting bigger with serious impact on the environment. 


Solar water heating constitutes an ecological and efficient solution,combining high efficiency, autonomy, aesthetics, easy installation and money saving. Excellent materials, according to international specifications, certificates and reports that confirm their quality.


Renewable Energy Sources (RES) promise to find a solution to the energy problem, contributing to pollution reduction. Gradually global legislation is changing, encouraging -even enforcing- the use of alternative energy products. The solar products come to shape the ecological home of the 21st century on.


High-aesthetics systems that can be easily installed respecting the architecture of the buildings, ensuring hot water almost throughout the year. Even in areas with low sunshine they ensure preheating of water, which drastically contributes to the reduction of conventional energy consumption. 


The cost depends on the particularities of each case. Generally, it is considered an investment that has a 3-7 years amortization with an average life span of over 20 years. With the use of solar thermal or forced circulation systems, energy savings of 70-100% are achieved, as the electrical resistance use is reduced depending on the area's sunshine and the size of the system, with parallel reduction of carbon dioxide emissions.


The benefactor of our planet. The alternative which will ensure the energy future of our world. Peaceful and autonomous! It does not belong to anyone and is given as a gift, on a daily basis, to the entire planet, without any discrimination.



A clean, inexhaustible, mild and renewable energy source! The only energy resource that provides guaranteed energy supply, protecting the environment, as it does not emit pollutants and contributes to the energy balance, reducing the consumption of conventional forms of energy. Let's look at the example of a typical solar water heater: it saves around 1,000 kWh / m² annually and avoids the release of about 1,200 kg of CO2.

Let us therefore accept the generous sponsorship of the sun, let us take a conscious position against the energy threat of the future by choosing environmentally friendly products.