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Each system has different advantages and is intended for different use. The solar water heater produces hot water from the sun energy and provides it during the day, while it reserves the hot water during the night as a result of the robust internal insulation.
In cases where the possibility of installing solar water heater on the terrace or the roof is not feasible, then we resort to the solution of the electric water heater, also an economical solution with easy and quick installation.

The main criterion for selecting a solar water heater is the daily requirement of hot water, which commonly amounts to about 40 liters per person, excluding very specific cases. A second criterion is the financial aspect. ECONOMY SOLAR SOLUTIONS, with a sense of responsibility towards its clients, has many models that meet economic capabilities and the characteristics of each market.
In case of large scale installations where there are particularly increased needs for continuous hot water supply you should contact the company’s technical department so that will draw a relative study   and conclude on the selection of the appropriate system.

The depreciation time varies from country to country, as an important factor is the current climatic conditions. According to data from national weather services from countries accross the Mediterranean region, and also taking into consideration the current oil and electricity prices, the cost of an average solar system Economy pays off in approximately three to five years.

When absent from home for several days and the hot water from the solar water heater is not consumed, this results in developing high temperatures and pressures inside the heater, which have a negative impact on the life of the system.
To prevent this situation, we need to cover the surface of the collector panels with a reflective material for as long as  we do not use the solar water heater, so that the sun does not come into contact with the collectors and hence not produce domestic hot water.

The double energy solar water heater uses as a primary source of energy, the Sun, and as a secondary, an electrical resistance, which is used to heat up the water in cases of obviously reduced sunshine.
The triple energy solar water heater uses as its primary source of energy the Sun, and can additionally be connected to the central heating of the house (radiators) through a heat exchanger to provide hot water at a very low cost. Finally, electrical resistance can be used as a third source of energy.